Washington Town Brings Back Wooden Money Used in The Depression

A town in Washington is using a creative solution to help local businesses survive the pandemic by printing their own money. Tenino, a town of less than two-thousand people, is making 25-dollar wooden bills. Anyone with a documented loss of income as a result of the pandemic is eligible for up to 300-dollars a month…


California Restaurant Shares Patio Seating To Help Neighboring Eatery Stay Open

A California restaurant is getting a little help from their next door neighbor so they can stay in business. San Diego County officials ordered restaurants to stop serving indoors, which meant Breakfast Republic lost 70% of its seats. But their neighbors, Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens, had 400 patio seats and offered up 90…


Would You Live With Your Co-Workers For A Month?!

Five people from an A.I. company in New York were sick of self-isolating, Zoom, and binge watching. So they all moved in together for a month. They pooled their money and rented out an entire bed-and-breakfast in Connecticut. Each person dropped $2,400 on it. Would you live with your co-workers??


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